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    Hi all,

    This is a re-post forum from the Desktop Manager forum so hopefully I'll get some more responses here.

    I have a MacOSX Lion and am able to sync with my BlackBerry via desktop manager 2.2.1. The problem I occasionally experience is losing portions of my iCal info!! I can't figure out when and why this happens. The only temporary solution I have is to export my iCal data before I do a sync just in case. It's annoying and isn't very efficient. Has anyone else encountered this problem and your solutions?

    One other solution that I've tried "Replace all calendar events on this Blackberry device". But this means I have to select this all the time and doesn't allow me to plug in and immediately sync.

    There was a thread from 2009 but am not sure if it's still applicable, see here
    --> http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=345538

    12-01-11 06:12 AM
  2. Allan in T.Dot's Avatar
    Bump. Anyone render some assistance please?
    12-03-11 09:31 PM
  3. Allan in T.Dot's Avatar
    Here we go. Problem resolved. I forgot that 3 years ago, before desktop manager for Mac was developed by RIM, I had purchased The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. iCal is no longer being erased and I can sync over bluetooth. Ta-dah!
    12-05-11 09:46 AM
  4. Allan in T.Dot's Avatar

    (A) Missing Sync doesn't work well for USB tethering right now. So hopefully 7.1 will fix that issue with hotspot firmly in place.

    (B) Solution to calendars being deleted:
    -Go to Calendar
    -Menu button, options
    -Keep appointments
    -Select "Keep forever"

    You can still sync XXX days in BlackBerry Desktop but at least this way, the phone doesn't go around deleting random appointments.
    01-05-12 08:35 PM