1. jetman1287's Avatar
    1) I have an OS loaded ( and yet when I go into Desktop Manager and App Loader there are only random third party applications. The OS is installed so I don't know where they are getting these apps from.

    I need to load the BB Attachment Service and Brickbreaker, for some reason they did not load when I put an OS on my phone and I can't get them on now.

    2) It is always getting stuck looking for updates even though I'm sure I turned those off somewhere. Does that option even exist?

    3) Windows keeps telling me randomly while Desktop Manger is running that "App Loader has been shut down" you know, the same BS windows errors you've been looking at forever...

    WTF?? I haven't changed anything...
    10-22-09 08:52 PM
  2. jetman1287's Avatar
    Any ideas
    10-22-09 10:16 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    use loader.exe and ditch 1671
    10-22-09 10:22 PM