1. tWeekd's Avatar
    So , I just recently rebuilt my computer with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 .. When I go to sync my 9650 , It will sync all the media , but no data. It keeps telling me it is not an MSI based edition , and will not sybc with 2010 due to "Click-to-run" ... Anyone know of a workaround for this ?!?! I really need to get all my data and contacts back . It won't even let me "back up" any data info , just media. I deleted and reinstalled the Desktop Manager and still will not sync media and all iget is a message saying"Can"t see device" .. I have changed cables, USB ports, tried different start up...you name it .. I know the phone jack works cause I see it flashing the screen that its talking to the computer , then just stops. Is this a windows vs. DM thing?
    06-11-11 10:00 AM
  2. BBMINI's Avatar
    I've been using Win 7 and Outlook 2010 + BB DM for more than a year without any trouble, so not sure what to tell you. Unfortunately, I also don't have any idea what the click-to-run or MSI error messages mean. Must be something about your specific setup since I'm using all the same software but without any trouble.
    06-21-11 06:20 PM