1. jjrivas672's Avatar
    So, i just bought an used Storm 2 9550. I am trying to do a update and add some language packages. It is telling me that the System sofware and core applications are required, however they are gray and won't allow me to choose them. Also, i choose everything else that i want to download and they do show on the application summary at the bottom, but once i click apply it goes through the motion of the downloading modules etc, but at the end nothing is updated. The applications remained unchaged, they new packages are not downloaded and the remaining storage remains the same. In other words, IT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING!! Please help!!

    There is no service on the phone since i am not keeping it, i am unlocking and sending it overseas. I did this before with the same type of phone and it did let me do all the upgrades without any problems.
    09-01-11 12:40 PM