1. mayastig's Avatar
    When I sync my 9700 using desktop manager, it pops up with a message displaying the changes in my outlook calendar that will be applied to the device, and the changes from my bb calendar that will be applied to my outlook calendar.

    Is there a way to stop having my device apply changes to my outlook application? in short...i only want it to sync one way, my outlook app to the BB. it gets annoying when it deletes entries in my outlook and i can no longer find them while im at the office.

    im running and DM I have set my BB calendar options to Keep Appointments Forever but that doesnt seem to help either. I cant find an option in DM to say only sync one way as well.

    05-27-10 11:20 AM
  2. jshuford's Avatar
    Have you set your Outlook to "whenever there is a conflict...the BlackBerry wins"?
    05-27-10 11:24 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    I suspect that you may have more than one email account on your phone.

    The BlackBerry will try to sync the Calendar with the Outlook default email account. If the wrong one is selected on the BalckBerry (you can tell by the color of the entries) then the BlackBerry will erase entries from Outlook. This can be quite frighening.

    1). check the color of the email account in Calendar, Options
    2). compare this with the color of the Calendar entries in Calendar.
    3). Go to Options, Advanced Options, Default Services and set Calendar (CICAL) to be the email that represents the color of you Calendar entries.

    This will now force the BlackBerry to synce those color Calendar entries with Outlook's Calendar.
    05-27-10 03:58 PM