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    I am of the impression that DeskTop Manager/App Loader/ that when you click the box near the application and the line changes to remove, then hitting next you remove the app from the device. But its still stored in the DeskTop Manager database if you want to reinstall it. Selecting the whole line and using the delete button will remove it from DeskTop manager database.

    I can do the former but not the later. DataViz gives the below instructions to remove Documents to Go. I get to step 13, but the Delete button is grayed out. It is grayed out on all applications.

    With Doc 2 Go removed from the device, I removed Desktop manager from my computer, then re-installed. Documents to go still shows up in DeskTop Manager/App Loader.

    How can I remove D2G from the desktop? How can I get the delete key un-grayed out?

    Documents To Go for BlackBerry
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Installation Steps

    Due to behavior in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, it is not currently possible to perform a software upgrade or update from one version number to another (i.e. 1.000 to 1.002). Therefore it is necessary to remove older versions of Documents To Go from both the desktop and phone and then install the newer version.

    ---Installation Steps---


    1. Connect the device via USB, and launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manger software
    2. Click the 'Application Loader' option
    3. Click 'Next' or 'Start' in the next window that appears
    4. If Documents To Go is already listed, it may be checked with an Action of None'. If it is not checked, skip to step 12.
    5. Uncheck the checkbox for Documents To Go, and the Action will change to 'Remove'
    6. Click 'Next'
    7. Confirmation text for removal appears; click 'Finish'
    8. Documents To Go components will be removed from the device; after removal, the device will automatically restart
    9. Click 'Main Menu' or 'OK' on the Desktop Manager dialog that shows removal was successful
    10. Wait for the device to restart and reconnect to the Desktop Manager
    11. Click the 'Application Loader'
    12. Locate Documents To Go in the list and click on the line to highlight the whole item (do not click check box)
    13. Click 'Delete', and confirm removal (If it does not remove the item, please close the Desktop Manager and try again)
    14. The list will update and Documents To Go will no longer be present


    15. Click 'Browse', and an Open dialog will appear
    16. Browse to the 'Documents To Go' folder that is included with this download
    17. Select the 'DocumentsToGo.alx' file in the list of files that appear to install
    18. Click 'Open'; the new version will appear in the application list checked and Action set to Install
    19. Click 'Next' and follow the prompts to complete the installation to the phone
    20. After installation completes, a series of trust dialogs will appear on the phone; choose 'Yes' for each option
    21. Documents To Go is now installed on the phone
    01-09-09 07:29 PM