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    I was on a trip and a family member triggered my Bold's secure wipe (wrong password 10 times). I had made a back-up just before the trip and it contains very critical information. When I try to do a restore with Desktop Manager (, same version as used to make the backup), it crashes as soon as I select the backup file. I tried opening the .ipd backup file from Advanced instead, with the handset disconnected, with the same crash result: "An unhandled win32 exception has occured in DesktopMgr.exe [4340]." where the number in the brackets is different every time.

    Please help me, I will likely lose my job if I cannot restore the information from this backup!
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    12-31-08 05:36 AM
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    Uninstall Desktop Manager and then reinstall it. then try restoring your data backup
    12-31-08 05:59 AM
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    Same thing after reinstall... I even tried 4.6 instead, and again the same thing.

    I'll gladly pay if someone can help
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    Are you on vista? 32 or 64 bit? If vista try running as admin? Have you rebooted the computer?
    12-31-08 07:38 AM
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    There are a number of utility programs that may help.

    Free download ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor, edit contacts in IPD files

    This is a free editor for .ipd files. It will allow you to open, view and edit your contact information. There could be a bad record that is causing Restore to choke.

    12-31-08 10:42 AM