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    Hello. Please help as I am having an issue with DM with my Curve 8330. When it starts it crashes immediately. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, repaired and deleted all registry entries to no avail. I am running Windows XP Pro in a domain environment and am using the most recent version of DM 5.0.1. I even tried rolling back to 4.7 and that has the same result. I am sure it is not an outlook issue as it never even makes it to the sync stage and this happens with or without my BB being plugged in. Thanks for your help!!
    12-04-09 02:58 PM
  2. nicenice19's Avatar
    update: there seems to be a problem with mshtml.dll. Any ideas?
    12-08-09 07:36 AM
  3. wvmedic's Avatar
    I'm having the problem when opening the media manager, I'm not sure if it is an issue with roxio or what. I am running XP home on my desk top and XP pro on my lap top and am having the same issue on both.

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but it might get us back to the top. hopefully someone can see it and help.

    12-20-09 08:49 AM
  4. fairygirllv's Avatar
    I am having the same issue with media manager. I have had it load once successfully in the few weeks I have had my phone. I am at a loss here. Any ideas out there?!?!?
    12-23-09 07:13 PM
  5. s1lverf0x's Avatar
    Same problem here. It seems that when Roxio starts to load it's game over and my computer freezes. I love my new Curve but not too thrilled about the media manager.
    01-03-10 12:33 PM
  6. japjoe7's Avatar
    01-04-10 01:32 PM
  7. MIchell023's Avatar
    Did anyone figure this issue out?
    01-19-10 04:53 AM
  8. worldbutterfly's Avatar
    had same problem for months and finally resolved it yesterday through blackberry support. For me, there was a compatibility issue with my Sprint wireless card version and the blackberry desktop manager which was causing the crash. I uninstalled both from my pc (Vista), reloaded the newest version 5.0 of the desktop manager, and the newest version of my internet card software and this fixed the issue. It could be that the desktop manager is incompatible with some other program you have running in the background as well if you aren't using a wireless card to connect, so try closing down all other programs when you reload the desktop manager software. Hope it helps. It was very frustrating. Glad to have it fixed.
    01-20-10 03:23 PM