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    My Bold 9000 was stolen 3 weeks ago. Finally received my new 9000 today due to back order. I had backed up files on my pc with desktop manager. I went to restore and restore states only Policy and randon pool are available? Backup works ok, but nothing looks like it transferred?? I call ATT help desk who put me in touch with BB tech support. They stated perhaps the back-up didn't work. I explained that I called ATT to see if there was a way to view the backup file to verify if backup worked. They stated ATT doesn't support that software. Is there software out there that will help me view my backup files?

    I have over 1,000 contacts I need to get back and now they say the backup may not have worked.

    Please help me get my contacts back!! Thanks much!!
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    09-29-10 09:54 PM
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    If you go under the advanced back up options, you should see the size(amount) of each backup directory with how many contacts are in the back up.... i hope its there.....

    Could this also be a OS difference? AT&T still doesnt have an official OS 5.0 that you might have had installed previously. Does a OS 5.0 backup file backup into a OS 4.6?

    (Install Google Sync this time)
    09-30-10 01:54 AM