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    I am new to the forum... only cell phone ever owned was a VZW CDMA Razr, that was a nice phone... So I made the switch to the BB Storm almost 2 months ago. I, of coarse, have many gripes along with moments of amazement.

    I have done a lot of installing and testing different apps. But in Desktop manager, it seems to keep a history of app installs/uninstalls. There are some errors too, like it keeps wanting to uninstall GoggleTalk, but never does and I don't want it too. And everytime I refresh my app list, it wants to install VCast music/rapsody which is really annoying.

    Is there someway to erase this install history?
    08-21-09 05:34 PM
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    (solved) ... I guess this is irrelevant if you use BBSAK, GenJad4BB, and/or the apploader external form desktop manager.
    08-23-09 02:11 PM