1. thays91's Avatar
    Why when I connect my Bold, does DM ask to update the same things everytime after I've updated them already every time? Also, I have been getting boot times of almost 35 min, ive read about wipes and advanced things when reloading databases, but im worried about drastically screwing up my Bold. I love it!
    08-06-10 09:15 PM
  2. jus10barbour's Avatar
    sounds like its already pretty screwed up if its taking 35 mins, thats ridiculously long... if you back up before wiping, your important stuff will be fine, might have trouble with apps unless you use BBSAK for the back up (to include your 3rd party apps).

    but yeah, id definitely wipe if its taking 35 mins to boot..

    also on the updating things.. you might want to just uninstall DM and reinstall (before or much after you do any of the other stuff of course)
    08-07-10 03:06 AM