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    I just upgraded from a Blackberry Curve. When I try to sync my 9900 Bold with Microsoft Outlook using desktop manager it says "Borland Database Engine not installed. Can't load address book".
    Same for calendar.
    What desktop manager can I install to make it all work. I want to be able to sync my Bold with my Outlook like I did with the Curve....Help!!!

    ATT moved my contacts, and I want to be able to continue to back up my BB to my computer.
    01-05-12 12:25 AM
  2. chris7021's Avatar
    do you have the latest 1?
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    01-05-12 12:38 AM
  3. eds817's Avatar
    Assuming you are using a PC

    Here's the latest official DM v6.1.0 B38

    What I would suggest is if you haven't updated your DM in awhile to uninstall it from your computer then download and install the newest version. Then just connect your 9900 and follow the onscreen instructions.

    You can also look in this forum for help

    If you need any more assistance just ask.
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    01-05-12 07:07 AM
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    Thank you...I was able to uninstall and then install new desk top manager. Previously I just got a multi language one and it was in Spanish!..

    Everything seems to be up and running now...I will keep this post in case I get stuck again!

    REALLY appreciate the quick and helpful response!!!
    01-05-12 02:09 PM
  5. eds817's Avatar
    I'm glad I was able to help.

    Just remember to make CrackBerry your first choice for help. Ever since finding it I come here before calling T-Mobile. The assistance you get here is fast and accurate.
    01-06-12 06:22 AM