1. JsGrandma's Avatar
    I have Desktop Manager 5.0.1 and Storm 2 OS running and keep getting a pop up message about Desktop Manager 6.0 needing to be downloaded. I thought I read something here on the board about issues with the Storm 2 and the new 6.0 version of DM but I can't find it.

    If there is a link to the thread on that, could someone send it to me and if not if anyone knows of any reason not to install DM 6.0 then please let me know.

    11-09-10 08:05 PM
  2. JimA's Avatar
    I have been using DM6 since it came out. I had one problem with DM6 recognizing the applications on my 9550 a few weeks ago. Turns out bbsak and DM6 sometimes don't play fair. So I reinstalled DM6 and everything's peachy. I'd say go for it.
    11-09-10 08:15 PM
  3. chuckh0308's Avatar
    I've been using DM 6 since it was first released in BETA and I haven't experienced any issues with it. Actually, it has been working much better for me than 5 ever did. You just have to adjust to the new user interface and such.

    I'm sure you can still download DM5 if DM6 doesn't work out for you...

    I should add that I only use DM for data backups and for syncing my music, so there could be some other feature broken?
    11-09-10 08:55 PM
  4. hydroz_23's Avatar
    I have to agree, I have been using DM6 since very early beta too. I have had no issues with it. I say try it if you don't like it then you can always go back to 5 easily
    11-09-10 10:03 PM
  5. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    The only thing I don't like about DM6 is that the choice for BES or BIS email integration is no longer controlled during install of DM. Now in DM6, it's controlled during the BB Profile setup of the device, so if you have to replace a device it's easy to frack things up and make the wrong choice. I've had several clients do this already and then I get the same old stupid looks as to why they're getting Network EPT emails.

    #1 reason why I don't suggest DM6.
    11-09-10 10:07 PM