1. ghostzapper's Avatar
    I have the "media support box" checked but my device tells me that I must allow mass storage mode. As well when I go into Windows Explorer and click on drives it says insert disk. I liked Desktop 5.0 because it was more intuitive for me to move excel files back and forth between my device and computer. I recently got a Torch and I didn't upgrade to 6.0 as soon as I should have? I'm lost!
    10-27-10 10:49 PM
  2. olblueyez's Avatar
    Why not "Enable Mass Storage Mode" since DM wants you to do that? Options - Memory - Bada Bing.
    10-28-10 12:45 AM
  3. jeffreii's Avatar
    When you plug in the phone to the computer there should be a popup asking you to either:

    1) USB Drive
    2) Media Sync
    3) Charge Only

    You need to select USB Drive and both drives will show up fine in Windows. Make sure Mass Storage Mode is enabled in the phone options like olblueyez says.

    This has nothing to do with Desktop Manager.
    10-28-10 06:57 AM
  4. ghostzapper's Avatar
    Options -> Device -> Storage -> Media Card Support is checked

    When I connect my Torch to the computer there is NO pop-up box asking me to do any of those 3 things.
    10-28-10 08:55 AM
  5. jeffreii's Avatar
    Ok - what apps do you have installed? I'm not sure what else could cause that not to pop up when you plug the phone into a computer...

    It does not pop up when you just plug into a charger - but when it recognizes a USB computer connection it pops up.
    10-28-10 09:27 AM
  6. ghostzapper's Avatar
    My Torch just has apps that came with the phone. I just got it last Friday.

    I have it turned off when I connect to computer using USB cable.

    The compression box is not checked.

    In the lower right hand corner of my PC there is a little icon that says it is safe for me to remove device. Only thing that is triggered when I connect Torch to computer.
    10-28-10 09:43 AM
  7. jeffreii's Avatar
    When you say you have it turned off...you mean just the screen is off? Or you actually turn the device off before plugging it in?

    The devices need to be on for the computer to recognize it properly, I believe. Whether or not the screen is on doesn't matter.
    10-28-10 09:58 AM
  8. ghostzapper's Avatar

    A bit of history why I was having problems. When I had my 8900 (display damaged and I had to upgrade), I had the device turned off and used the Media Manager in Desktop 5.0 to move Excel files from my computer to device. I was not aware that you could use Windows Explorer. When I had downloaded Desktop 6.0 I did not see the familiar Media Manager so went back to 5.0 to use the utilities I was familiar with.

    When my new Torch arrived last Friday, I was reluctant to move to Desktop 6.0 because of the absence of the familiar utility - Media Manager. However, I was advised to ensure Torch OS was current. Windows Explorer could be used to move files between Torch and computer.

    When you mentioned the pop-up menu, I was expecting for this to appear on computer not on Torch. There was no way for me to see it when I had device off (which had been my prior practice when I used Media Manager).

    When I turned device on as you suggested and looked down at device, I saw the pop-up you mentioned and selected the USB option. I went into Windows Explorer and could see the excel files on my device.

    I'm grateful for your time and patience. I wish I could buy you a coffee/beverage.

    I'm a happy Torch owner, RIM shareholder and can't await the arrival of the PlayBook.

    Thanks again!

    10-28-10 10:25 AM
  9. jeffreii's Avatar
    Very glad to be able to help.

    I consider it one of the great advantages over the iPhone for a BlackBerry to be able to be plugged into any computer and serve as a USB Flash Drive to store and transfer files. With my 16GB MicroSD card (and possibility of a 32GB one) there are no files too large for me to put on my phone and bring to work or wherever. I keep a lot of important files on my MicroSD card for use with fixing computers...in case I'm somewhere and they need my help, I have everything I need on my phone and can just transfer it over.
    10-28-10 12:53 PM
  10. ghostzapper's Avatar
    I transfer an updated list of accounts receivable (in excel format) to my Torch and then update accordingly. Cuts down on paper records. I can't wait for the PlayBook for other applications where one needs the larger layout. One can cut down on inkjet costs to partially offset the cost of the device.

    Best wishes,
    10-28-10 06:01 PM