1. EmperialEmpress's Avatar
    I've searched through the recent threads and could not find an answer to this question.

    How do I remove an old Blackberry device from teh Desktop Manager? For example, I have a new Blackberry and I need to remove the old Blackberry updates that I had before (and there are quite a few), but I have searched the manual and don't see an option for removing the old Blackberry devices from the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    02-26-11 01:31 PM
  2. BBMINI's Avatar
    I might not be fully understanding your question, but can you use the Switch Devices function to do that? You mentioned having a new BB, so using the Switch Devices tool should let DM do all the work related to "uninstalling" the old one and transferring everything to your new BB.

    Or what do you mean to remove the device from DM? As in, remove an association between a BB and DM? Or remove software updates that are still stored in DM?

    Sorry if I'm not following you, but I suspect someone on these forums will be able to answer your question once we better understand what you're needing.

    Welcome to CB, by the way.
    03-04-11 12:56 PM