1. Moms_Crackberry's Avatar
    With the help of a post from "Sunkast" on this forum, I was able to finally install desktop manager version 4.6, with all the DLLs registering properly. I thought I was home free! But, however, that would have been far too easy... after all, it only took me several hours trying to find answers just to get 4.6 to install.
    Anyway, I am now having very unusual contact synchronization issues. Since I have far too many contacts in my Microsoft Outlook to conveniently synchronize to my phone, I decided to create the category field called "Blackberry" in Outlook to use as a filter for desktop manager.
    Then, in desktop manager, I set my contact synchronization filter where "categories" "equals" "Blackberry". For whatever reason, the log files showed that it read the contacts marked with the category "Blackberry", but failed to load any of them. So, I thought I'd try something a little different -- I was finally able to get it to work by using "categories" "starts with" "Black". Yes, I know that makes absolutely no sense, but it did work -- the first time anyway... however, now when I add a new contact, and set the category on the new contact in Outlook to "Blackberry", and then do another synchronization, guess what happens? The new contact is not added to the Blackberry! I have absolutely no idea why... currently, I've just given up on trying to use filters to limit the amount of contacts in my Blackberry -- so, all 1000+ are now in my phone, which is a little ridiculous. Is anyone else having ridiculous issues with version 4.6 like I am? It truly seems to be software from ****, written by Satan himself!
    09-24-08 10:47 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I'm using Desktop Manager 4.5, so I can't solve your problem, but I can offer some consolation, perhaps. Address Book entries are typically quite small. I have 969 entries on my BlackBerry. The database only occupies 187k. So having 1000+ contacts on your phone is not at all ridiculous, nor wasteful of memory. So just solve your problem by letting them all sync normally.
    09-25-08 10:00 PM