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    Okay all you Crackberrians, I need some serious help here. I was going to play around with some beta OS changes on my 9530 Storm tonight. Plugged the phone into my PC, get the usual tones from Win XP, open DM and it doesn't connect. Unplug the phone, get the tones, plug in, tones again, still DM won't connect. I reboot the PC and do a battery pull on the Storm.

    Everything boots up, I try again, and still no connect. I grab my girlfriends Storm and it won't connect either (but I do get Win XP tones and can browse the memory).

    But I do notice when I start Desktop Manager that the Device Manager icon doesn't pop up in the taskbar - so I start it manually from the Start Menu. Now it still won't connect, but I get a flash of a small window on the screen - looks like just a window to click Okay/Cancel, but it's too fast to see what it says. And it flashes up A LOT.

    So, I uninstall DM, reboot, install DM 4.6 again. Same thing - no connect and silly flash on the screen. I uninstall DM and install 4.7 (grasping at straws at this point a couple hours in) and get the same result, except that it does connect for a second or two (shos PIN), then disconnects (PIN disappears).

    Now, I went into Event Viewer for Win XP, Application, and I see the following message repeated a few times per minute:

    Detection of product '{195CE695-1592-492A-A2FE-32757010CF3F}', feature 'USBSupport' failed during request for component '{BECAEDE1-9935-4626-9D3A-C3EAD10DB20C}

    WTF?! I don't even know what that means. haha Like I said, that message is in the Event Viewer many times per minute, exact same message over and over again - new ones only show up when I have DM open. And the USBSupport caught my eye, but Win XP sees the phones fine.

    Any ideas? Help?! Thanks in advance.
    03-23-09 11:28 PM
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    Maybe try another usb port on the computer - one on the rear is ususually directed connected to the motherboard.

    Also check the properties of your usb ports under Device manager and check to see that they do NOT power off when not used.

    Also try another usb cable?
    03-24-09 08:15 AM