1. danxtian's Avatar
    how do you go to fix this:

    i CAN receive any messages from my yahoo and hotmail email accounts. but i CANNOT send, reply any messages using them.
    talked to t-mobile cust. service, but nothing.... the only thing that i found out was that i'm missing the desktop [CMIME] or the web client [CMIME]. from knowing that, i tried resending my service books, re-register the HRT, and i also tried to clear my service books then resend it again, hoping that would solve it... BUT nope.... nothing stil no [CMIME].

    so, any body know how to solve this? would it be possible if i wipe my BB with JL_cmder and then install the OS again?

    thanks in advance.
    03-15-10 03:50 PM
  2. GJW's Avatar
    Have you tried deleting those email accounts, then resending the service books, then adding the email accounts back?
    03-15-10 04:28 PM
  3. danxtian's Avatar
    tried those too still getting the same error messages...
    03-15-10 05:24 PM