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    I have a 9700 and I only synch calendar,contact,tasks & memos...no emails

    I just got Outlook 2010 and it won't support Desktop 5.1 so I will need to go to BDT 6.

    What will the changes be?
    Is there a big difference in the functionality?

    I'd love to see one of those charts that compares (in colunms) 2-3 models...which has this and which doesn't...etc.

    Please help and thanks in advance.
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    10-06-10 03:23 PM
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    Please delete this thread and repost in the Desktop Manager forum

    10-06-10 04:12 PM
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    thanks, i will...i didn't know there was one.
    10-06-10 04:20 PM
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    no problems, glad to help.

    you will find more help in the specific forum (hopefully)
    10-06-10 04:30 PM
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    Deleting the thread: Click Edit, then there is an option to delete it from there, select Delete and click Submit.

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