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    I have tried doing as much homework before posting, but cannot find any working solution so far.

    I am having the well-known issue of involuntary memory cleaning due to lack of memory. I have:
    • all media on a 2GB MicroSD card
    • do not store any emails on my phone
    • have SMS retention down to 30 days
    • have installed MaxMem
    • deleted Voice Activated Dialing, Push to Talk, and MDS

    ...and even after all those preventive measures I still am having memory problems. The only third party applications I have installed are: Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, and Opera. Here's my issue: I only have access to a Macintosh.

    Is there any way to delete/wipe clean my Content Store without using Desktop Manager for PC?

    Is there any way to delete applications such as BrickBreaker or Blackberry Maps? I have tried going Options>Advanced Options>Applications but under my Menu there is no "Delete" option for any applications, even third party.

    Thanks for your help,
    04-05-09 11:00 PM