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    Not only can I not sync to microsoft outlook address book but when I go to add a new contact on the blackberry it adds multiple times to the address book. I am at wits end with this problem. Synch was working but something got hosed. Is it time for a DROId! Please, if anyone can help get back to me, otherwise, to the Verizon store I go. Thanks.... I did follow the desktop manager synchronization instructions but I can't seem to get the address book sync to work. Woe is me...

    I am running desktop manager version 5.0.1 and am able to sync calendar but cannot sync up with my microsoft outlook contacts. I have done this in the past with no problem and have pulled the battery but to no avail. The calendar sync works fine. If there is anyone that can steer me in the right direction that would be appreciated. I don't want to have to manually enter each of my contacts unless absolutely necessary. Thank you. I am using outlook 2003.
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    11-04-10 05:55 AM
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    Although no one gave me any ideas I went to the Verizon store and they did a reset of my phone and I was able to reload desktop manager and recover my address book. All is well.
    11-08-10 06:47 PM