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    Blackberry Messenger was deleted off of my curve 8310 and I am trying to get it back

    I just downloaded Blackberry Desktop Manager

    I did a back up of my contacts

    What do i do next?
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    08-13-09 06:20 PM
  2. Kipalong's Avatar
    Install Desktop Manager

    Browse your way into the AppLoader Directory, and Open the Loader Application

    The Loader Homescreen. You can Click Next to Continue

    Connect the device.

    Navigate through the Apploader menu and reinstall the BB Messenger.

    08-13-09 08:27 PM
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    when I open the Desktop Manager and click the Application Loader it opens the "Application Loader Wizard"

    It offers me two Applications I can choose to remove, and when i click "add" and search the computer for BBM (or anything that has to do with Blackberry) nothing comes up

    at&t called blackberry support and they said i needed to restore the original settings using the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Any idea how I can do this?

    soo frustrating i've been messing with this for weeks. thank you for the reply.

    08-13-09 08:55 PM