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    I did a search, apologies if I missed similar posts or FAQs.

    Since applying the update I get sync errors more than half the time.
    The message is something like "the disk is full trying to write to log, please check space". There is no lack of space. A second attempt usually syncs successfully. PtTrace.log shows errors everywhere. It generally starts with "Starting Standard Sync", then for writing to the device Calendar it shows errors 2470, 2473, 2472, 2474, 2471 and 2475, in that order. For reading the device Tasks it shows error 4128. Then it says "Starting sync from Scratch" and succeeds.

    Not seeing problems with my Outlook data or with the device data, but these errors and spurious disk-full messages are not inspiring confidence! I have lots of date in Outlook so it doesn't seem feasible to isolate this very well. Just wondering if anyone has similar experiences/fixes.
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