1. jake2003's Avatar
    I am using my BB with a Macintosh and the free sync software provided for syncing contacts and calendar.

    I have contacts that vanish from the addressbook on both the BB and the macintosh. Sometimes I realize that I haven't called someone for 5-6 months and they aren't in the addressbook. I just found one the other day that I used 5 weeks ago, and it's gone now. I have no idea how many people I've lost this way in the 2 years I've owned my phone.

    Does anyone have any problems syncing their blackberry to their Mac? The store people say "we don't know" because they have no experience syncing the blackberry to ANY computer regularly, they do it just to show it can be done, but don't notice anything because they only do it once to prove the concept.

    Mac OS 10.5

    Blackberry 8310 V4.5.0.10

    Any ideas? Comments? Questions?
    06-20-09 08:53 PM
  2. jake2003's Avatar
    I painfully fixed all mine (several times) and did a sync overwriting the mac. I then let it go back to 2 way sync and things were ok, or seemed that way.

    I'm almost starting to think that if I can't rely on my berry, what phone out there gives the same features, and works better with the mac. And that answer is (true or not) the iPhone. But I don't really want the iPhone.

    I hope there is someone else with this problem. Otherwise I'm gonna have to sit in the store and wait while the clerk tries to figure out the problem. Last time that took 3 hours.....

    Keep the ideas coming, maybe we can figure this out together!
    06-21-09 11:08 PM
  3. ERDude's Avatar
    I have never had a problem using PM with my BB and my Mac. All has worked well from day one. Then again I don't sync with the native mail program nor iCal. I use Entourage error free.
    06-21-09 11:13 PM
  4. anithasoni's Avatar
    Lost my contacts after Mac Synch - but here's the strange part - as soon as a contact calls the contact record reappears - so it is embedded somewhere in my BB memory - but gosh can I find it - NOOOOO - help?
    10-25-11 06:03 AM
  5. jake2003's Avatar
    I found the problem! The software provided for free is crap. You get what you pay for. I bought Missing Sync by a company called "Mark Space" and it works great. Yeah, it scrambled something once or twice, but not like the free junk. It's like $30 but my time is worth more than that.

    I ditched my blackberry and bought an Android. They make an Android version too, and that works even better than the Blackberry one.

    disclaimer: I get no $$ from blackberry, android or Mark Space for mentioning their products. I like their product and have told all the sales people at the phone store so they can help other customers.
    10-27-11 04:13 PM
  6. jeffcrn's Avatar
    Missing Sync has always been top notch, glad to see you got it worked out. I might have to reinstall it now that I'm dedicated to making Bb my only device choice.
    10-27-11 07:54 PM