1. jsho1's Avatar
    I am currently in the process of sending back a faulty Bold 9000 for a new one.

    I will be backing up the phone before I send it away to be traded for the new one but I have a problem with being in limbo between phones.

    Obviously the contacts I have made during the time I have had the phone will be saved and backed up on the Desktop Manager, but is there a way I can use the contacts from Desktop Manager so that I can use them whilst waiting for the new Bold to arrive?

    Hopefully I won't have to resort to the case of writing down each individual number?
    03-16-10 09:32 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor will allow you to view the contents of your backup files. It has a free trial that may be all you need.
    03-16-10 10:24 AM