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    I'm having a huge problem right now with syncing contacts on my Blackberry, and I have a feeling it has to do with some sort of filter or setting from my previous blackberry...

    Background: I had a Blackberry 8330 for work, that I had to give up as I was leaving. So I made a backup of it with DM5. I picked up a personal BB 9800 (Torch), and restored much of the data to it, including contacts, emails, calendars, etc... This was great at that time.

    Now I'm at a new company, and I have a new blackberry phone, another 9800. However, when I made a backup of my personal 9800, and restored ONLY the Address book. I get that in the phone, but it does not sync with BES into my Outlook client.

    Any new contacts I add to Outlook, get pushed to my phone. Any new contacts added to the phone, do not sync through BES to my Outlook client.

    If I wipe the device, reactivate on BES, contact adding works as expected. The moment I restore just the address book, something goes awry. And I dont know what. My IT group, just says, "dont restore your old contacts," or "type them out by hand." There are hundreds!

    Any ideas I can look into?

    04-01-11 02:59 AM