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    I have BB Tour for a couple of years now and its been great; prior to that I had a Palm and made the migration without too many issues. I recently got laid-off and no longer have access to Outlook as a Desktop contact manager. I used Outlook's contact search functionality heavily, and I have saved over 2600 contacts in a pst file. I see that BB's desktop does a good job at backing up, but is not a contact manager application. I am ballking at buying Outlook for home usage due to the price tag. So, getting to the point...

    1/ Can anyone suggest a good desktop contact manager that has searchable funcationality. I strongly prefer a desktop application rather than a cloud/internet solution for speed (because my contact searches can be extensive) and control.

    2/ Once I start using a new contact manager (even if it is Outlook), I will need to import all of my saved pst contacts, and then also add any new ones on my BB that has been backed-up on my hard drive.

    I am pretty uncertain about how to proceed for a good desktop manager and would appreciate any suggestions on these Qs. Thanks a million in advance.
    10-27-11 07:10 PM