1. Jayctrinidadjr96's Avatar
    Hi guys, I have an BlackBerry z10 running on 10.2.1521. OS. I am also now using the official 10.2 Blackberry Link Software.

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to sync my BlackBerry contacts because the "Configure " button is greyed out.

    I have Outlook 2007 on my Pc.

    I found on Google that maybe BlackBerry Link cannot find the .pst files on my Pc. Where are they supposed to be saved to anyway for BlackBerry Link to find it?

    Pls. Help.... Thanks!!

    Posted via CB10
    09-18-13 10:57 PM
  2. Jayctrinidadjr96's Avatar
    Guys, I would really appreciate some feedback regarding this...Pls help. Thanks!!

    Posted via CB10
    09-20-13 12:37 AM
  3. Simon Reffold's Avatar
    I have the same issue... just updated to 10.2 and for some reason both the old and new version of Link Contacts/Configure are greyed out and its not syncing.
    11-06-13 06:09 PM

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