1. Mama0000's Avatar
    I can't upload / sync my photos from my phone to the desktop manager. in DM, Media files are greyed out. When I click on Music, Pictures or Video it returns the following: "A problem occured while attempting to connect to your Blackberry Device. I can only sync my Organizer and I don't even want to do that.When I go to "Sync by Type" only the Organizer is selectable - Media is greyed out. Basically, I have no Media Services on the DM.

    I have completely uninstalled DM and reinstalled it twice.If I am using the wrong DM download please link where I can find the correct one.
    02-14-12 03:54 AM
  2. bold9000_userleslie's Avatar
    hey, i had the same problem.
    (on your blackberry phone) first what you need to do is Click on OPTIONS , then SECURITY OPTIONS then,click on ENCRYPTION. (what you need to do is enable encryption. enable MEDIA CARD & DEVICE MEMORY)
    hope this helps....
    07-04-12 10:19 AM
  3. pajohnso's Avatar
    Thanks, bold9000_userleslie!

    DM was able to see my Bold 9000 and I was able to access photos and files, but not Music (which is what I needed, of course).
    That trick worked for me. I would've never figured that out on my own.

    Thanks again!
    12-09-12 11:11 AM