1. jeli2657's Avatar
    When I try to update my device through the Blackberry Desktop Manager, I get the following error message:

    I have also tried updating through T-Mobile, which takes me to a Java website that launches Desktop Manager, but I get the same error message.

    I am not a BES user, and I do not have Blackberry Professional Service. My phone is only connected to T-Mobile BIS, and I do not receive emails from an exchange server.

    Why does Desktop Manager think my device is on a BES?
    12-14-09 07:26 AM
  2. RWWackostu's Avatar
    I think a call to TMO CS would clear this one up. Looks like they have something set wrong for you.
    12-14-09 08:28 AM
  3. jackbox's Avatar
    Your phone must have an IT policy installed on it somehow. Good luck getting it removed.
    12-14-09 09:35 AM