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    Seen lots of threads on this, tried all of the solutions and none worked. Problem occurs when trying to configure sync settings in Desktop Manager and I get the "operation terminated unexpectedly" error.

    1. BB is Tour 9630 with latest update.
    2. DM is up to date (6.0 or whatever it is)
    3. XP SP3
    4. Office 2010
    5. Exchange account

    We upgraded to Office 2010 two weeks ago which is when the issue started. Everything synced properly before moving to Office 2010.

    Tried uninstalling/reinstalling DM, renaming the Intellisync folder, creating a copy of my mail profile, unchecking the "cached" box for the Exchange account, deleting CICAL accounts on the BB, removing sharing/delegate settings in Outlook, etc. Nothing worked.

    BB has this tech note...

    KB15735-"Operation terminated unexpectedly" appears when synchronization options are configured in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    Nothing there worked either.

    Any other ideas - besides buying a Droid?
    03-08-11 03:33 PM