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    I am working with a new MacBook Pro. Since my last MacBook was a loaner from school, I didn't fully migrate all of my stuff over. I downloaded the BB Desktop Manager, and figured I would just sync the contacts list on my BB 8530 with the Mac's Address Book instead of importing from my old user file. It worked great. However, I thought this would be a good time to clean out the book, get rid of duplicates, etc. That's where things got ugly.

    As soon as I attempted to update my BB's contacts list, by checking "Replace all contacts on this BlackBerry device" under Advanced Settings, I got the following error window:

    As you can see, there's no record identified for me to "delete and try again," and the contacts list on my BB is empty. The Address Book on the MacBook is fine. I have restarted the computer and pulled the battery on the BB. I have tried to do a straight "both ways" sync, and have tried the "replace all contacts" again as well.

    Has anyone seen this?
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    08-25-10 02:39 PM
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    When I try to copy a group of contacts from my address book nothing shows up
    In the sync box. I have address book running and desktop software shows no contacts when I select it from the side Panel
    12-17-11 11:37 AM