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    Just downloaded Desktop Manger 6.0

    My phone connects fine, I'm able to choose which apps to add/remove and everything is good with that but I don't see a way to click "start" or "ok" to get the update process to begin. I think the bottom part of the window is off screen, hidden from view, and there is no way to resize the window to make appear and no scroll bar on the side to move down to the bottom of the window. I've tried pressing tab and enter, but that only activates the menus at the top of screen.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm running Windows 7 on an Acer laptop, if that makes any difference.

    UPDATE: Problem resolved. I had to exit Desktop Manager, change my resolution settings and restart the software. Now I'm able to see the "Accept" button at the bottom. In a whole year of having this laptop this is the first program that wouldn't display correctly with the custom screen settings. Oh well, at least I got the phone updated!
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