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    I poked around the forums and can't find any answers to this question, although I've seen other people who have the same problem.

    I have an AT&T Torch 9800. I finally got a notification from them the other day that a new handset update is available (, bundle 2647) - I know other people have already had that update for awhile.

    I have a clean installation of DM that I just got from the BB site, because my previous installation was from a disk that came with my old Verizon Curve. I connected my Torch and backed it up, and right in the middle of the screen was the offer of the bundle 2647 update. So I clicked the Update button.

    It said that a component of my desktop software had to be installed before I could continue - Install? I said yes and it downloaded for a minute then said install failed please try again. No amount of trying again produced any different result, other than that the download was not repeated but we skipped straight to the error.

    What does this mean? I have downloaded the full 168mb of the handset update from the BB site (as directed by a link on att.com/blackberryupdate) but have not run the install for it. The only other thing I can think of to try is to install this and then repeat the attempt to update from DM.

    Has anyone solved this problem?

    Update, I ran the install for the 168mb device software for this bundle, and desktop manager still tells me it cannot do the update without a missing component which it then fails to install. I am unable to update the software on my Torch. Don't tell me I'm the only Torch owner on the planet who has had this problem? I trust you guys more than AT&T support. I guess my next step is to contact RIM if no one has any ideas!
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