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    With my new installation of BlackBerry Desktop with Notes 8.52, I cannot configure to Sync the BlackBerry 9700 with my Calendar
    "Contacts" and "Memos" configure and sync with no problem to the same Notes installation.

    To create the problem:
    Click "Organizer" in the left panel
    Check the box before "Calendar"
    Click the "Advanced" button

    This pops up a window
    Synchronization Error
    "Following sections in the Advanced window could not be loaded.:
    * Fields
    Picture attached here:
    Can't configure Calendar Synchronization with Notes - section "Fields" could not be loaded-syncherror.png

    Where is the Desktop looking for the "Fields"? What can I change in my Notes installation to allow BlackBerry Desktop to see the fields that it need to map to the device?
    12-17-12 05:05 PM

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