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    I note there are some threads already relating to this but I still cannot make this work. I cannot see the SD card on my Blackberrry Bold 9700 through desktop manager. I can occasionally see it through windows explorer but this does not always happen. When I connect to BB Desktop the options I get on the phone are 'USB Drive' 'Media Sync' or 'Charge Device' but the phone seems to be connecting without me getting the chance to make the choice. When I see the card through windows It is when I dont have BB Desktop running. As soon as I start BB Desktop the card dissappears and the BB does not show up as a drive in 'My Computer'.

    Completely stuck, any further ideas.

    Bold is running OS6 Bundle 2534 v6.0.0.570

    Desktop is version

    06-25-11 12:52 AM