1. hoglite's Avatar
    The struggle continues with my BB and DM.

    I have given up trying to sync emails and dropped down to the lesser task of my contacts which are stored in Outlook/Live account with Outlook connector.

    A straight sync doesn't work as known so I followed the workaround suggested by the folks on the BB forum.

    I created a new profile and .pst file which I then exported my contact too from Outlook, opened DM as admin and set up the sync with this new profile and pst but I get the above error message.

    2nd suggestion involved exporting to a windows (can't believe I am writing this) csv file and importing it - this didn't work successfully as tons of fields missing.

    Is this it then, this is the best RIM can offer in 2010 to compete with the Iphone..
    07-27-10 03:55 PM