1. richard_s1881's Avatar
    I've read that Blend can't be used while using a VPN. Is there still no solution to being able to use Blend while using PIA VPN? (Wifi or usb connection)
    01-23-15 09:27 PM
  2. cybersaga's Avatar
    USB may work. You may have to turn wifi off on your Blackberry for it to work.

    Wifi can, but only if your VPN allows split tunnelling: routing only certain traffic through the VPN, and allowing other traffic (like local LAN traffic) to flow as it normally would.

    If that's not possible, then, as long as you can hit the internet through your VPN, then going over the mobile network should work.

    What flavour of VPN are you using?
    01-24-15 08:06 AM
  3. hyc121's Avatar
    Try without IPv6 Leak Protection in Advanced Settings, it should work over WiFi.
    01-28-15 06:14 PM

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