1. CapRaisingGuy's Avatar
    Am really frustrated with this new DM 6.0. I do NOT want my BB to sync with photos and my entire Itunes library. I have thousands of songs and those will stay on my Ipod. I dont use or want my BB to act as a music player. The problem is when I sync. DM auto looks for my Itunes library and I have to wait 10 min for it to finally catalog everything- even though I have told DM to not sync any music. How do I stop this "auto-look" for an Itunes libary??

    On an editorial note, seems to me that the BB software writers forgot that most users are business users (and I am now forced to use Explorer for dropping in individual files instead of the drag and drop features of DM 5.0).
    02-07-11 11:59 AM
  2. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    check whether the device options are set to sync your media files automatically.

    In the main screen of the Blackberry Desktop software, click on Device in the upper left corner. This will bring up a dropdown list - select "Device options".

    A dialog box pops up with 4 tabs. Make sure you are on the "General" tab.

    Under the heading "When I Connect My Device:", make sure the checkbox beside "Media files" is unchecked.

    I hope that might help.
    02-07-11 12:34 PM
  3. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    I have one more comment: I find that the "drag and drop" means of moving files works fine. I have worked in business for 32 years, the last 15 with a BB, and have no problem using the Windows "explorer" for finding, copying or moving files, and treating the BB device as just another "drive" or "file folder" on my laptop. So I guess I'm missing the point of your second paragraph.
    02-07-11 12:38 PM