1. Dylan McDonald's Avatar
    I didn't seem to post this right the first time, so if my post comes up twice then apologies.
    Hello, If someone could help I would appreciate it. I am having major problems installing BlackBerry Link onto my PC, I am running XP Home SP 3, so I should be supported.
    Firstly, I can not install from my phone, a BBZ10, the installation files are not able to be found and I can not get them with the installation wizard, or anything using My Computer, which labels my phone as a CD Drive with no contents.
    I have been concentrating on installing BB Link from the PC Installation Link on BlackBerry - which gives me the download file "BlackBerryDesktopSoftware_1_1_B39.exe." and this prompts me to install the drivers and BB Link.
    The install freezes during the driver install and also freezes the rest of my PC, I cannot even "End Task" I need to restart by holding the button.
    After I restart the install comes up again, I agree to the license and select my region and the installation resumes. Then I get the window "Error occurred during installation - You must undo the changes, etc. Do you wish to undo the changes?" but there is nothing to select to actually undo the changes.
    I can actually click on the BBLink at this point but get the "BlackBerry Link Peer Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." and debug option does nothing.
    "Connect device to begin managing" comes up when the BBLink program is launched, but it doesn't detect my phone, which just relaunches the new hardware wizard, which as I mentioned, does nothing.
    Can anybody help with this? I would very much appreciate it.
    05-20-15 10:24 AM
  2. serbanescu's Avatar
    I don't know if this could help, but recently I had trouble helping a friend with reinstalling Windows XP.

    After a clean install of Windows XP and after updating it to SP3, I ran into an error when trying to install Yahoo Messenger. Long story short: I had to install Internet Explorer 8 (the latest version of IE available for Win XP) before installing YM (it seems that YM was using some libraries from IE 8).

    There is a very small chance that this might be the case with BB Link. You may also want to install the latest version of Net Framework available for Win XP.
    05-20-15 10:36 AM
  3. serbanescu's Avatar
    If you do any of the above, please give us feedback on it
    05-20-15 10:38 AM
  4. Dylan McDonald's Avatar
    Hi - Tried installing an IE8 update, but no success.
    05-23-15 01:28 PM

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