1. yoshibond's Avatar
    So I am having some issues getting my calender working properly and have read all over and can't find an answer specific to my specific case:

    - I have two calenders on my BB Torch - Gmail calender and Facebook
    - I currently have desktop manager set to sync my calender to lotus notes.
    - I want to have (if possible) my BB setup so that it received events from FB, receives meetings from Lotus for my work, and somehow everything syncs together so that my FB events are in my Lotus calender, work events are on my BB and any changes will sync as required.

    Does desktop software sync with your default calender only? Or does it sync with all calenders ... in the setup I do not get to pick a calender to ues to sync notes.

    I have had my calender working sucuessfully but then last night desktop manager began closing during sync (no error msg, would just close) and I had to erase my calender service books and re-sync through desktop manager.

    What can I do to get everything to work as expected now and in the future?

    Please help.
    11-01-10 01:49 PM
  2. yoshibond's Avatar
    I checked again just after posting the above, syncing with desktop manager and opening calender on BB:

    All events from my FB calender were synced with Lotus ... then ended up in my Gmail calender and now I have duplicate entries for all of them. Sighs.
    11-01-10 01:53 PM