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    I've searched and hoping someone more knowledgeable can help me out. Here is the situation. I have a BB Bold 9930. Had it a year and no issues. Syncing with BB Desktop since day one. Currently running version 7.1 bundle 1737. Never had an issue until about 2 weeks ago.

    What is happening is that I plug in the BB and sync it. Everything syncs fine, photos, notes, contacts, etc. except my calendar all of the sudden. I get an Intellisync error saying "Connector specific error" every time. Nothing calendar related syncs from my Outlook 2010 calendar to my BB or the other way either.

    My googlefu said it has to be a usb cable problem. 6 different USB cables all plugged into multiple USB ports each ... and still the same error.

    My googlefu also found to delete my calendar data on my BB and re-sync it. I've read it works sometimes and sometimes not ... the sometimes not is the part that scares me.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    11-06-12 11:57 AM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    11-06-12 12:29 PM
  3. decraig's Avatar
    OK ... I followed those instructions. Here is the info from the PtTrace.log. It is Greek to me. The tif.log file is crazy long and looks to be a file for each calendar record. I didn't include it, but can if needed.

    Any thoughts?

    From the PtTrace.log
    14:05:24.219: Fetching implemented classes at .\iluptbl.cpp line 3408
    14:05:24.540: Fetching implemented classes at .\iluptbl.cpp line 3408
    14:05:25.725: Begin ILX Session, Source=Microsoft Outlook, Target=Device
    14:05:25.738: Starting Standard Sync
    14:05:25.744: Phase=10, User=32FD4617: Reading data from Device Calendar
    Tue Nov 06 14:05:25 2012: Error 12.12 at .\sdk_data.cpp line 875
    Tue Nov 06 14:05:25 2012: Error 0.4238 at .\ciltrans.cpp line 241
    Tue Nov 06 14:05:25 2012: Error 4238.4238 at .\Ilx_sdk.cpp line 220
    14:05:25.998: Translation Unit Status: User=32FD4617, rc=4238, Phase=10, TrErr=4238, SysErr=0 at .\xlatev3.cpp line 650
    14:05:26.001: End ILX Session, elapsed time = 0.000 seconds
    11-06-12 01:10 PM
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    Have you tried uninstall outlook saving the personal files to another drive or desktop (for safety) restart computer and then reinstall you may have to enter e-mail details so make a note of the setup Config.
    Go file, account settings e-mail setting make notes of entres it maybe an outlook error if "oniberry" dosen't do it.
    11-07-12 09:30 AM
  5. decraig's Avatar
    OK ... after many attempts to "fix" this issue resulted in absolutely nothing positive, the issue seemed to fix itself today with the new release of 7.1.0 Bundle 2123 from Verizon. I got notification of an update for my phone. I downloaded/installed it, then synced through BB Desktop Manager ... BINGO! Calendar completely syncs now and all conflicts are gone.
    11-20-12 10:09 AM
  6. daveycrocket's Avatar
    It's great you have it resolved.
    11-21-12 07:29 AM

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