1. Maxxberry's Avatar

    Hopefully this will turn out to be pilot-error on my part, but....

    I can't get my 9800 and PB to connect to Desktop Manager via bluetooth, but windiows 8 sees them just fine. What's up?

    PC is Lenovo Yogo 13 running Win 8 (love it, sorta). OS on phone is 666. OS on PB is DM version is bundle 39. Bluetooth is on and discoverable on all three devices. PC has working bluetooth mouse, so that's working fine. Windows 8 bluetooth manager can find and connect to both the 9800 and the PB, but only for remote audio. Both devices can connect to DM via USB just fine. phone and PB bridge working fine too. Problem is: DM Add Bluetooth Device doesn't see either the 9800 or the PB, and (oddly) the PC doesn't see the phone or the PB when using the DM Add Bluetooth Device tool. But Windows 8 Bluetooth manager sees and connects to both just fine.

    Anyone got any tips, or something to jar my brain as what the problem may be?

    01-08-13 01:40 AM
  2. parbrook's Avatar
    Maybe, this is a similar problem as on my Toshiba laptop?

    DM does not work with the Toshiba Bluetooth driver/stack.

    I tried installing a different driver/stack and deleting the Toshiba stuff and I was able to sync DM with my 9780 using BT.

    Unfortunately, the next time I re-started my PC, it re-installed the Toshiba sfuff and I can't sync with BT any more.
    01-26-13 02:51 PM

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