1. leenancarrow's Avatar

    I have the blackberry storm 9520 and I downloaded desktop manager for mac. I sync 3 things only which are Calender, Tasks and Contacts. The Contacts sync just fine and so did the other two at first but now I find that my calander does not sync with ical and my tasks do not sync with mac mail.

    The strange thing however is that when I delete all calander entries on my storm and then re-sync it from my mac then most of the entries (not all) are back on my blackberry even though they are not on ical.

    I have endlessly tried looking for answers on the net but can't come up with any solutions

    This is driving me crazy, please help!!!!

    Oh by the way as an extra note I did buy missing sync and I get the same problem with that.
    12-23-09 02:06 AM
  2. jazzman63's Avatar
    I have had similar problem since I updated to Snow Leaopard on my Mac. Now I cannot connect my Storm 2 to my Mac. Can anyone help?
    06-26-12 08:22 AM