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    Let me start by saying that I am SO frustrated.

    I have long used my Blackberry as a tether internet connection. I spent some time out of the country recently and hadn't used the Tether for a while.

    I just performed a full driver update through ThinkVantage. It recognized some devices that I hadn't installed drivers for such as Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adaptor. The problem is that suddenly my Blackberry doesn't work for tethering AND it doesn't show up in Blackberry Desktop Manager. It does, however, work just fine on other computers so I know it's my T400 that is the culprit.

    The device shows up in Device Manager, I hear the "bum bum!" sound when I plug it in, and it is charging. I have tried multiple cables that I know are reliable. But when I bring up Desktop Manager, it says PIN: None and doesn't recognize my Blackberry at all.

    I've tried Googling ideas. I've uninstalled drivers, restarted, hard reset my Blackberry... done so much.

    I am using Windows 7 32-bit and my T400 is a 2767-WQW.

    If anyone can help me you will have my endless gratitude!
    08-07-10 11:51 AM
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    Have you tried uninstalling Desktop Manager... reboot your PC... downloading DM from RIM using the link in my signature... then install that new version... it should install the correct drivers.
    08-07-10 01:43 PM
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    This same thing happened when I updated my OS to .714. I had a major failure with Desktop Manager and my 9700 bricked on me (white screen of death). I had to delete Desktop Manager, reinstall, and then use my back up and reload the OS with App Loader.
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    08-07-10 02:08 PM