1. nisku's Avatar
    Blackberry Link is, as nearly as I can tell, counterintuitive at best and wholly inadequate at worst...and coming from a sullen Nokia Symbian environment that's a sad note indeed. I'd love for someone to point out features or techniques I've overlooked. For example:
    1. Is it even possible with BB Link to utilize a Macbook with its readable screen and comfortable keyboard to access the Contacts list on my Q10? Numerous errors occurred as AT&T moved the Contacts from my old Nokia E-72 to the Q10 and the prospect of making corrections on a Lilliputian keyboard & screen is...disheartening.
    2. None of the thumbnail images made it either, though I'm not sure that's worth the effort to rectify.
    3. Neither the iCal nor the Nokia calendar datapast, present or futureappears anywhere on the Q10. And it is not intuitively obvious to this observer how one might restore same. That is important.
    4. Curiosity drove me to look for the latest Software Release on the Blackberry site, but I came up empty on that one too. Apparently AT&T and Blackberry don't agree which version is the latest, but attempts to update are futile...v10.1.0.2030 seems to be the consensus...I'm too green at this to know differently.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism would be welcome at this point. N.B. laptop is MacBook5,1 running OS X v10.8.4. Many thanks in advance, DCD
    08-05-13 10:05 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    For sure the old software, BB Desktop Manager worked much better, BUT it was also much more mature. That is it was around for a long time and updated. BB Link is a far cry better now that it was when it first came out, BUT it still has a ways to go!
    08-06-13 08:25 AM
  3. daveycrocket's Avatar
    these are important points in my view although any piece of software cannot be a cure all, particularly when converting from old data. I am however mostly holding off Q10 purchase until hopefully 10.2 and an essential update for link.
    My only issue so far is that yes the software is in its infancy but we would abandon a product that used square wheels if round ones were already invented. Even if it was the best looking buggy (excuse pun)) ever built (Q10) square wheels just doesn't let it do anything.
    08-06-13 09:35 AM
  4. nisku's Avatar
    these are important points in my view although any piece of software cannot be a cure all, particularly when converting from old data. I am however mostly holding off Q10 purchase until hopefully 10.2 and an essential update for link.

    If BlackBerry was a neophyte in the mobile communications industry it would be easier to accept bland excuses that their software responsible for ensuring the seamless configuration of and file transfer to and from a handheld device is "just outta beta."

    But mindful of RIM's considerable experience serving its particular market and an understanding that mobile devices don't operate in a vacuum—there is a dependent relationship on some form of server (be it the BES or an individual's laptop/desktop) for the simple ergonomic utility provided by a keyboard and screen designed for hours of consecutive use by human fingers and eyes—I fail to understand why BBR Link is, quite bluntly, such an obtuse and limited interface.

    For instance, I need a way of correcting the 560+ Contacts imported to my Q10 from a Nokia E72...and I will quickly be driven wild if I must make each of those individual corrections on the Q10's keyboard and its 2" square screen…as good as both are for all other purposes.

    Attempts to sync it with my MacBook Contact app result in the Q10 uploading its corrupted Contact data to my laptop thus endowing the latter with two (or even three) copies of spurious information. In fact, I had sought to download my relatively weed-free garden of Contacts to the Q10—forgive me but it feels as though the tail is wagging the dog. If I've overlooked a crucial step through ignorance and fouled my own nest...I'll cheerfully endure the snickering in exchange for a solution.

    Questions posed to my friends and colleagues with years of experience using BlackBerry devices have elicited curious answers. Q. "How on earth do you titans of industry operate businesses and make such wise decisions using only a device with such a minuscule screen?" A. "Honestly, I don't know...but as I grow older it's noticeably more difficult."

    Last, but certainly not least, given the extraordinary amount of financial and intellectual capital brought to bear in order to produce OS BB10.x and the new generation of devices on which it will run, I'm perplexed and not a little disappointed that migration—whether from an earlier BlackBerry platform or another brand—was evidently not among the highest priority tasks facing RIM/BBR's various transition teams. Nothing less than the Company's future hangs in the balance.
    08-07-13 02:08 PM

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