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    I never liked synchronization software. I tried the BB Link to import my music collection. I don't use the itunes. Have many downloaded songs from different locations. WMP has this feature that if the songs are not on the computer, you can add them to the WMP library, but can't share them. I have a home NAS with RAID, I will not be keeping my songs on all my laptops.

    So naturally, WMP doesn't share the library and BB link doesn't find any songs shared. No problem, uninstall that sync ware and copy paste to the folder in my computer. At least installing BB link also installs the BB driver. So I still have tethering and folder access, just don't have to use the BB link.

    Anybody who was able to successfully sync from a folder over a network using WMP? Why BB link only allows WMP and icrap? I use Winamp... why can't I sync from there or from network folder.
    06-13-13 02:31 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Can anyone help here?
    07-28-13 11:29 PM

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