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    I have the latest version of Blackberry 10 link installed, using Windows XP SP3, and a Q10 with the latest updated software and connecting with a USB cable. The Link procedure starts out fine and runs until it finishes a very lengthy "Preparing Sync Preview," then the messages stop and the program simply stops working, never finishing the sync. This is a brand new problem, everything was working just fine until the last week or so. I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Link Desktop software, restarted the Q10. The desktop Link software recognizes the Q10 and shows all of the files it contains. But when I try to sync it ends up in a total hang that forces me to use Windows Task Manager to close it out. Nothing has fixed this problem so far. I can successfully back up the Q10. I've read the other threads that touch on this and can't find a solution that fixed my problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    05-20-14 11:11 AM
  2. OldSkoolVWLover's Avatar
    I have had this happen with Link on Win 7. I don't know what the official issue was, but multiple backups wouldn't reload and I gave up. What OS version are you on?

    One of the things I have noticed is that if the USB cable moves a little it can hang up a backup or restore on my Z10.

    From my use of Link it can work fine or work horribly, but lots of people have issues with it. My other hypothesis is that the backup file becomes corrupt and then cannot restore. I have nothing to confirm this, but the one time I have had the problem I tried to restore multiple times with the same backup file. Knowing what I know about computers Link is trying to take a lot of information in a single USB file transfer and turn it all into a backup at the same time, this could be causing some file corruption. For example on my device it is attempting to backup about 48 gigs as one "file".
    05-20-14 01:35 PM
  3. barryzigas's Avatar
    Thanks. My problem is not with the backup, which works fine, but with syncing the calendar and contacts with Outlook 2007. I'm using the latest version of the Q10 and Link software. My last sync finally ended successfully by itself, but it took nearly an hour. Not cool. It was working fine until the last week or so. I also had a problem with the Q10 spontaneously disconnecting from my laptop, which of course interrupted the sync. But changing to a different USB hub seems to have fixed that.
    05-20-14 08:48 PM
  4. barryzigas's Avatar
    I am really desperate for help here. I'm currently waiting for more than 30 minutes for a sync with my Q10 and Blackberry Link. I'm going to be late for a morning appointment as a result. This shouldn't take so damn long. Can anyone out there give me a hand with this?
    05-23-14 08:12 AM
  5. barryzigas's Avatar
    For those struggling with this same problem since the update to Blackberry Link Ver., I solved it by finding the earlier version of the Link software on Filehorse. I removed the later version, cleaned the registry, rebooted and installed the older version. It works fine.

    I thought updates were supposed to improve the product?!
    05-27-14 04:08 PM

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