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    Hey guys I just tried to access the BlackBerry site to redownload the installer for BlackBerry Link and it automatically redirects to the

    https://www.blackberry.com/oops.html site. The button on the site links to http://www.blackberry.com/blenddownloadpc , but instead you are redirected to the oops link.

    Is it just me or is this also happening to others?

    Edit: Both the link for PC and Mac are not working. Heres the link for the Mac installer http://www.blackberry.com/blenddownloadmac

    Edit 2: Talked with BlackBerry on Twitter and confirmed that it is only the link on their US site that is not working. Their links on the Canadian site is working just fine.
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    06-24-15 02:33 PM
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    Only the links on the US site are down. All other sites work fine.
    06-24-15 03:09 PM

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