1. svjones's Avatar
    Dear Crackberry;

    I am having issues with Blackberry Link while trying to back up my Z30 phone.
    I am currently running Blackberry Link v1.2.4.39, and my Z30 is currently running Software v10.3.1.1784 (OS v official release.

    I received the update to last night and decided to backup my phone prior to updating to the newest OS. I had a lot of issues with updating to 10.3.1 (Z30 black screen of death) so I'm trying to make sure I get everything backed up prior to updating. I downloaded and installed the newest BBLink today, and did a Full Backup. At the end of the Backup, I received this:
    Blackberry Link - Backup complete with errors-bblink.jpg

    Which, you can see, was my second attempt at backing up my phone (hence the (date)-1.bbb). This has happened to me many times with BBLink and I've lost a lot of files, conversations, important documents, and etc because of it and I'm not willing to try to use this as a valid Backup. Before sending in my Z30 to be "repaired" for the Black screen of death, I backed it up about a dozen times, different ways (Quick, Full, and Custom) and every one was corrupted when I tried to restore it to my "repaired" Z30 (sent me a referb instead of fixing the issue). I ended up having to restore my phone to an old backup from my Z10 that was almost 2 years old.

    So please, if anyone could help. I'd like to update my phone to the newest OS but I want to do it safely. Any help would be great
    07-22-15 09:33 AM
  2. chuck188's Avatar
    Wanted to learn more about Black Berry because I wanted to buy one. How much does it cost?
    07-22-15 09:48 AM
  3. taylor729's Avatar
    Latest attempt just list these two items as failing to backup
    -Device Settings and Local Contacts/Calendar Data
    08-08-15 12:24 PM

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